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Account Info

Account info is where you can enter your contact info, display info for galleries, and adjust your subscription/billing information.

Accessing Account Info

Account info can be accessed by clicking on your name at the top of the screen.


Basic Info

The first section of account info is your basic information.Here you can enter your name and contact info, as well as change your password.


Display Info

This information will be presented in your galleries. Your Business Name will display in the title bar and menu of the gallery and hotlink to your website. Your logo and social accounts will be presented in the gallery menu.



This is where you adjust your subscription and billing information. Subscription has three main sections: Your current subscription, your billing information, and your payment history.


Your current subscription details will display here. You can choose to change your plan, cancel your account, or add more storage.


If you click “+Add more storage”, this section will appear directly to the left of your subscription information. You can also review the three subscription plans by clicking “Review Plans”. Choose whichever option is right for you!


Your billing information displays directly below your subscription info. You can update your billing information at any time by clicking “Update Billing Info”.


To the right of your billing information, you’ll find your payment history. If you need to see a longer list of your payment history, just click “See More History”.


Updated on April 11, 2017

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