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Creating + Uploading To A Gallery

Uploading to galleries is easy! Start by clicking the upload button at the top right of the screen.


Title, Category & Visibility

Once you click +NEW GALLERY you’ll be prompted to give your gallery a title, choose a category, and choose an access setting.


Pixrit galleries are organized by categories. You can select a previously created gallery from the drop down or create a new category by clicking on “+Create New Category”.




Access controls who can see the gallery.


Public: Anyone can see and access the gallery.

Unlisted: Only people with a direct link to the gallery can view it.

Password protected: Visitors to the gallery will be prompted to enter a password before they can view it.

Private: These galleries are locked down entirely. Only you can view the gallery and there is no “public view” at all.


Once these options are set, click “CREATE”. This creates the gallery.


Upload Popup + Adding Images

The second pop up that appears after the gallery is created is the Upload Popup. Here’s where you add your images, set more details, and access more preferences. We designed it in this multi-step process so you can always be utilizing the time when your images are uploading.

Pixrit’s upload popup is a simple drag + drop system. Just drag images in from your computer and the upload will immediately start. You can also click “Browse Your Computer” and find your images that way. Once your upload begins, you can always drag + drop more images in.


As your images upload, you can set some gallery preferences on the left side of the upload popup. You can change the gallery title, the category, set a preset, change the visibility, and tag images.



If you’ve saved presets from other galleries, you can apply them right on upload.

For a full breakdown of gallery preferences and presets: CLICK HERE


Internal Tags

Internal tags help you keep track of your images. You can enter tags to help sort by the type of images, the person in the photos, the location, or anything else that will help organize your images to make them easier to find later.


While your upload is processing, you can fully adjust that gallery’s preferences or set up an email to send to a client as soon as the upload is complete.

For a full breakdown of email templates: CLICK HERE

For a full breakdown of gallery preferences: CLICK HERE


Progress Bar + Multiple Uploads

Once everything is set, you can just minimize the upload! No more waiting around for your images to process, you can continue working on something else on Pixrit or even queue up your next upload.

You can keep track of these uploads via the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Once your first upload completes, the next will begin. The progress bar can be minimized and brought back up at any time, provided you don’t refresh the website.


Adding more images to a gallery is easy. Just navigate to the gallery you want to add images to and click the upload button. In the dropdown you’ll have a third option: “+ TO THIS GALLERY”. Click that option and you’ll be presented with an upload popup to drag and drop images into your gallery.


Updated on April 5, 2017

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