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Dashboard Overview

Find your queued images for sharing, your recent gallery uploads, to do notes, helpful videos, and your social activity all in one place!

Video Introduction – Dashboard Overview 

The Dashboard has two navigation sections. The first is your dashboard overview, which you will see when see you login to Pixrit. The second is our blog, Pixrit News, where you’ll find updates on our product and insights into our growing community.

For a full breakdown of main navigation: CLICK HERE

Account Info

At the top left of the screen, you’ll find access to your account info, as well as the logout option.

In Account info, you can enter your contact info, display info for galleries, and adjust your subscription/billing information.

For a full breakdown of account info: CLICK HERE


The Dashboard features 4 distinct widgets, Notes, Helpful Videos, Queue Timeline, and Recent Gallery Uploads, all designed to make using Pixrit fast and easy.


Notes To Do: A simple way to write reminders that help you stay on track.

Helpful Videos: Step by step guides for help with all aspects of using Pixrit.

Queue Timeline: A quick overview of your scheduled posts.

Recent Gallery Uploads: Quick access to your most recent gallery additions.

For a full breakdown of widgets: CLICK HERE

Social Sidebar

As you share images, you’ll be able to see all of your likes, comments, and shares in one place!

Social Sidebar is located on the right side of the interface. It can be opened from any part of Pixrit by clicking on “Social Activity”.

For a full breakdown of Social Sidebar: CLICK HERE

Progress Bar

Yes, Pixrit allows you to upload multiple photo collections simultaneously! Keep track of your lighting fast uploads via the progress bar at the bottom of your screen.

Once your first upload completes, the next will begin. The progress bar can be minimized and brought back up at any time.

Don't lose your progress!

Please keep in mind that you will lose your progress if you navigate to another website or refresh the page.

For a full breakdown of the Progress Bar: CLICK HERE

Updated on June 20, 2017

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