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Email Templates

Create connections with your clients through our email builder and WYSIWYG editor, complete with live preview. Include gallery tips to let your clients know how to pick their favorites, and how to get support if they need it.


Email Builder

To start creating an email, click the “Share” button in the top right corner of your screen.



First and foremost, set your main options.

  • Recipient Email: Enter the address of the recipient of this message here.
  • Email Templates: If you’ve create an email template, just select it here from the drop down menu. More on creating templates below.
  • Subject: Enter your email’s subject line.
  • Button Text: “View Gallery” by default, you can change this text to whatever you’d like. 30 character limit
  • Include Password: If your gallery has been set to password protected, you can include the gallery password right in your message.
  • Include Gallery Tips: Let your clients know how to pick favorites and give them a link to a full help page for the gallery. More on gallery tips below.


WYSIWYG Email Editor

Customize your message to your clients just like a normal email. Change the text size, format your message, and include links. Just click the options in the toolbar and make your message the way you want to.


Live Preview

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a live preview. This preview will be constantly updated as you change the information on the left side of the screen.


Turn on gallery tips to see them displayed below your message. Gallery tips will let your clients know how they can pick favorites, as well as give them a link to a full help page on using the gallery.


Save Email As A Template

Once you’ve filled your subject and body text, you’ll be able to save your email as a template. Templates save all information besides the recipient of the email and your checkbox options. To save your email as a template, just click “Save As Template” in the bottom left of the screen.

When you click “Save As Template”, you’ll be given the option of creating a new¬†template or overwriting an existing one. To overwrite an existing template, just click “Update existing template” and select which template you would like to change from the drop down menu.


Schedule Email

You can choose to send your email now or schedule it for a later time. To schedule your message, just click the orange button marked “Schedule”.

In the pop up, simply select a date and time for your email to be sent out, and it will be sent to your client at the specified time.


Preview Email

You can preview your email in two different ways.

Send a Test Email: This will send an preview of your email to an address of your choosing.

Preview in Browser: This will open your email preview in a new tab for you to view.

Updated on May 15, 2017

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