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Galleries View

This is the default view when you click on Galleries in the left navigation menu. Your most recent gallery will show up first. You can switch to Categories View by clicking the categories button above your gallery thumbnails.

To navigate through your galleries, scroll through the thumbnails or use the list in the right sidebar to find the gallery you’re looking for. Single click a gallery thumbnail to display information and options for that gallery, or double click to go directly inside the selected gallery.

The right sidebar gives you information about your galleries.

Galleries Details (nothing selected)

When no gallery is selected, the right sidebar will display the total number of galleries, the total number of images, and the total size of all your galleries combined. You can also see a list view to help find what you’re looking for faster.


When you single click a gallery thumbnail, the right sidebar will show you the title, url, number of images in the gallery, total size of the gallery, and visibility setting. There are buttons that allow you to copy the url, download the entire gallery, or delete the gallery.

Copy URL: Clicking the copy button will instantly copy the gallery URL for you. Just paste where you need it!

Download Gallery: This will create a download link to a .zip file. You can choose to download right away or copy and paste the link to share with someone else.

Download Link Expiration

Download links expire after 2 weeks.

Delete Gallery: This will permanently delete the gallery and all images within it.


When a gallery is selected (single click), you’ll also be able to go directly to the public view of that gallery or to the email builder.


For a full breakdown of gallery public view: CLICK HERE

For a full breakdown of email templates: CLICK HERE



You can sort through your galleries in two different ways. By default, your galleries are presented in order of time created, from newest to oldest.

You can change the order by clicking on the “sort by” button located above your thumbnails and selecting an option. You can also do this same action in the right sidebar, above your list of galleries.

Updated on April 10, 2017

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