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Gallery Facts

To bring you Pixrit as soon as possible we launched with some gallery features still under testing and development.

Right now, Galleries are fully functional and work beautifully for displaying and presenting your work to the world, yet they are still missing some important features like a checkout system and print lab integration. Depending on your business model, you may find the galleries perfect for the type of work you do just the way they are, or you may be excited for the upcoming features. Either way you can rest assured will be working non-stop to bring you the best, most elegant and feature rich galleries available based on feedback from you and the Pixrit community.

Galleries 1.0

Current Features:
  • Custom Banner (with or without text)
  • Photo Groups
  • Categories View
  • Galleries View
  • Category and Gallery Presets
  • Hotlink Byline
  • Grid and Mosaic Thumbnails
  • Gallery Menu Featuring Your Logo and Social Accounts
  • Security Options
  • Gallery Expiration
  • Creating Favorites
  • Zoom Option
  • Filename/Sequence Options
  • List View
  • Sidebar Information
  • Internal Full View Mode
  • Internal Gallery Download (Full Gallery, Selection, or Single Images)
  • Email Template Builder
  • Tags

Coming Soon

We’re fully committed to rolling out new features continuously based on what you need most. Here are some features in the works:

  • Advanced Banner Customization: We’ll be giving you more flexibility when it comes to adjusting your banner image across multiple devices. We’ll also be releasing multiple banner templates that will fit the bill no matter what type of photography you do.
  • Special Client Features: We’re bringing features exclusively to help you and your clients interact and make photo selections.
  • Multiple Favorites Lists: Your clients will be able to make multiple favorites lists to help narrow down their selections.
  • Custom Watermarking: You’ll be able to upload and customize a previously created watermark, or create a simple text watermark.
  • Prints: Our print ordering and checkout system will set a new standard for quality and user friendliness. Commission free!
  • Plus ever evolving technology to make your life easier and boost your bottom line.


Updated on July 25, 2017

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