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Gallery Preferences

Set all your options for your gallery, including security levels, and the view of your banners and thumbnails.

Basic Info

  • Title – This is the title of your gallery.
  • Url – This is the direct link to your gallery.
  • Category – This is the category that this gallery belongs to.



You can save your gallery settings as a preset and apply it to other galleries. In the presets dropdown you can choose from previously saved presets and apply the information to your gallery.


You can pick your banner image here. Choose your banner image from the images in the gallery or upload a custom image by clicking the “Upload New Image” button.


Display Info

This sets what information will display on your banner.

  • Display Title – You can customize the exact title that shows on the banner.
  • Byline – Your byline will appear directly below your title on your banner image.
  • Byline Url – Your byline can be hot-linked to any web page you want. Link to your blog, your website, or where-ever you’d like your viewers to go.



This sets the look of your thumbnails in your gallery. Choose from Mosaic or Grid.


Mosaic keeps images in even collumns, emphasizing vertical images.



Grid keeps images in even rows, emphasizing horizontal images. This view is great for events, as it keeps the photos in a neat sequence.



Security controls who sees the gallery and what permissions those viewers have.

  • Access – Access controls who can see the gallery.
    • Public: Anyone can see and access the gallery.
    • Unlisted: Only people with a direct link to the gallery can view it.
    • Password protected: Visitors to the gallery will be prompted to enter a password before they can view it.
    • Private: These galleries are locked down entirely. Only you can view the gallery and there is no “public view” at all.
  • Web Searchable – You can choose if you want your gallery to be able to indexed by search engines such as Google.
  • Expires – You can set an expiration date for your gallery. Once the gallery is expired, nobody will be able to view it unless you change the status of the gallery.
  • Allow Favorites – This option lets you decide if viewers of your gallery can mark images as favorites.


View Options

View options let you control how people view your images in your gallery.

Allow Zoom

Zoom allows viewers to get a closer look at your images in full view mode.

Show Filenames or Sequence

You have 3 different options when it comes to showing information about photos in your gallery. You can choose to display a filename, a sequence number, or nothing at all.


Save Settings

At the bottom of gallery preferences, you can choose to save your current settings as a preset to be applied to other galleries. You can create a new preset or overwrite an existing one.


Updated on April 10, 2017

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