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Gallery – Public View

Galleries have been crafted to help showcase your work in the best way possible. Customize your banner, thumbnail styles, and filename/sequence display. Show your images in full view mode and give your clients the ability to zoom in for a closer look.


All gallery navigation sits at the top of the page as you scroll down. The left side is where you’ll find your photo groups and favorites. The right is where you’ll find the menu, which displays photographer information as well as a log out options if you’ve signed into the gallery to mark favorites.


Full View

Full view mode can be accessed by clicking on any thumbnail. Once you’re in full view mode, you’ll be able to go through the images by clicking or using the arrow keys. Above your image will be 3-5 options: Slideshow, full screen mode, zoom (toggled on/off in gallery preferences), mark as a favorite (toggled on/off in gallery preferences), and close.

Slideshow: This option automatically cycles through your images at 4 second intervals.

Full Screen Mode: This toggles full view mode to expand to fit the dimensions of your screen. To exit, hit the ESC key.


Zoom: If you allow this option in gallery preferences, this will allow you and your clients to zoom into the image up to a certain size. This is designed to give you and your clients a closer look at details in your images.

Favorite: Clicking the star icon toggles marking the image as a favorite. Upon the first click, you or your client will be asked to enter an email address. This keeps track of favorites and displays the information in the favorites section back in the gallery. More on this below.

Close: This closes full view mode and returns to the gallery.

Marking Favorites

Images can be marked as favorites by clicking the star icon in full view mode or clicking the star icon on a thumbnail. Once a favorite has been marked, the star icon will be colored blue.



When you first start making favorites, the gallery will ask you to enter an email address to help keep track of the Favorited images.



Once you start marking images as favorites, you’ll see an additional group in the navigation bar, called “My Favorites”


Click this group to view only your favorites.

The menu will display the information you’ve entered in Account Info, under “Display Info”, including your business name, logo, and social networks.

To find out how you can edit this information in Account Info: CLICK HERE


If you’ve logged in to mark favorite images, there will also be an option to log out.


Just click “LOG OUT” to log out of your current session. If you’d like to access your favorites at a later time, just click any star icon and enter your email address. Your previously saved favorites will still be there.

Updated on April 20, 2017

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