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Inside the Gallery

Pixrit’s galleries have been purpose built to give you all the tools and information you need in an easy to use interface.

Create photo collections and favorites, and view complete image details including resolution and image size. Share to your Social Library, and more.


Grid and List View

Galleries give you two ways of viewing your image thumbnails. These views can be toggled by clicking the grid and list icons in the top right of the interface.

Grid View:

Grid view is the default setting for galleries. Each image is presented inside a square thumbnail with an option for marking favorites.

List View:

List view gives you more information about your images, including the filename, aspect ratio, file size, dimensions, and resolution. You also have easy access to download or delete the images.


Full View Mode

To get a better look at your images, just double click a thumbnail.

The image will open up in full view mode. Here (in order of top left to bottom right) you can mark the image as a favorite, share the image to social, view information about the image, view the filename, download the image, and delete the image.



If you hover your cursor over the image, you’ll be able to zoom in and see more detail.


Image Details

If you click the information icon in the top right, you’ll be presented with the image details sidebar. This sidebar will give you information about the image file, it’s copyright info, and exif data.


The right sidebar is designed to give you all the information you need about your gallery and your images.

Preference Settings Sidebar:

If you have nothing selected in a gallery, the right sidebar will display your gallery’s preferences. If you want to change any of these settings, you can do so by accessing gallery preferences.

For a full breakdown of gallery preferences: CLICK HERE


Image Details Sidebar

When you select an image, the right sidebar displays information about that image.

The details are broken up into 3 sections:

File info: Basic information about the image file, including filename, image size information, the capture date, and any tags that have been applied to the image.

Copyright Info: This displays whatever copyright information is included with the image, including the copyright owner, the creator, and a website link.

Exif Data: This section shows your camera info from the image metadata.


Your Favorites

With Pixrit, your clients aren’t the only ones who can pick favorites. Now you can mark your own favorites easily.

Simply click the star icon on a thumbnail to mark it as a favorite. This can also be done in full view mode, accessed by double clicking a thumbnail.


To view only your marked favorites, click the star icon at the top of the interface, between “tags” and “sort by”.



Change how your gallery is sorted in just two quick clicks, or do a custom arrangement.

To arrange your gallery quickly and easily, just click “sort by” at the top of the interface and choose an option from the dropdown menu.


To arrange and move photos in a custom order, click “arrange”.


Select the image or images that you would like to move…


…and click and drag to move the images where you want them!


Once you’re happy with the arrangement, just click “save”.


Bulk Options

Bulk options let you perform actions on a single image or multiple images.

View – Click this icon to view your selection of images in full view mode.

Download – Click to download your selection of images.

Share – Click to share your selection of images to the social library.

Delete – Click to delete your selection of images.

Photo Groups

Photo groups are a great way to organize your photos into sub-sets in your galleries.

To start, click on “+ new group” in the filter sets section located on the left.


Just type a name for your photo group and hit the enter key. You’ll see 3 icons next to the title of the group.

Edit: Clicking the pencil icon lets you edit the name of the photo group.

Delete: Clicking delete will permanently remove that photo group. Any images that have been copied to the photo group will remain in your gallery and other photo groups. Any images that have been moved exclusively to that photo group will also be permanently deleted.

Visibility: Clicking the eye icon will change the visibility status for that group. Hidden groups will not display in gallery public view. See below for more details.


Client Favorites

Keep track of your client’s favorites right inside your gallery. Client favorites act just like Photo Groups. As soon as the client marks their first favorite, their email will be presented below Photo Groups, in the Filter Sets section of your gallery. Just click on their email to view their favorites!


Email Template

Create connections with your clients through our email builder and WYSIWYG editor, complete with live preview. Include gallery tips to let your clients know how to pick their favorites, and how to get support if they need it.

To start creating an email, click the “Share” button in the top right corner of your screen.


For a full breakdown of the email template builder: CLICK HERE


This is where you set all your options for your gallery, including security levels, and the view of your banners and thumbnails.

To access gallery preferences, click the preferences button in the top left, next to Filter Sets.


For a full breakdown of gallery preferences: CLICK HERE

Galleries have been crafted to help showcase your work in the best way possible. Customize your banner, thumbnail styles, and filename/sequence display. Show your images in full view mode and give your clients the ability to zoom in for a closer look.

To view your gallery, click the “View Gallery” button, located in the top right of your screen, next to “Share”.

For a full breakdown of gallery public view: CLICK HERE


We’ve tried to make downloading your images as intuitive as possible. There are a few ways to download.

To download your entire gallery, click the download button located in your right sidebar (make sure no thumbnails are selected to view this option).

Bulk Download

You can download images individually and in bulk with the bulk download button, which displays in the top right once an image has been selected. You can choose to download a single image at a time, or select multiple images to download as a group.

Download – Click the download icon to download your selection of images. This can be one image, a selection of images, or your entire gallery.

List View Download

You can download individual images while in list view by clicking on the download icon on the right side, under “Actions”.

Full View Download

You can also download individual images while in full view by clicking on the download icon in the bottom right corner.

Individual Downloads vs. Multiple Image Downloads

Individual download will begin right away, just like saving an image on the web. If you are downloading a selection of images or the entire gallery, you’ll see the following popups:

The first popup will confirm that a download link is being created. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of your selection or gallery.


Once the download is ready, you’ll be able to start the download right away by clicking “Start Download” or you can copy the download link to paste into an email.

Download Link Expiration

Download links expire after 2 weeks.


Deleting a gallery must be done in galleries view or inside a category. You can view all your galleries by clicking on “All” in the main navigation under Galleries.

To delete a gallery, click the thumbnail to select it, then click the delete gallery button in the “Gallery Details” right sidebar.

Delete Gallery

This action will delete the gallery and all it’s contents. This cannot be undone!


Updated on June 9, 2017

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