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Main Navigation

Pixrit’s main navigation is located on the left side of the screen and is separated into four sections: Dashboard, Social, Galleries, and Help/FAQ’s.


The Dashboard has two navigation sections. The first is your dashboard overview, which you will see when see you login to Pixrit. The second is our blog, Pixrit News, where you’ll find updates on our product and insights into our growing community.

Social has seven different sections divided into 3 classifications: Library, Network Director, and Single Networks.

Library: Upon uploading to social, your images are placed in the Library. Pixrit’s Social Library allows you to organize all your social images and stage them to your connected networks using our seamless drag and drop feature. Create and edit your captions and hashtags here or in the networks. 

Network Director: Designed to control all your networks at the same time, Network Director simplifies your workflow. Sync your networks to the Network Director, then drag and drop your images into this one location to start sharing faster and more consistently than ever.

Single Networks: Pixrit currently connects to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can use the Network Director to control these networks or customize content for specific networks by keeping them independent. How much control you want over your social media platform is your choice. 


Gallery navigation separates your galleries into four different levels of access: public, unlisted, password protected, and private.


All: View all your galleries regardless of level of access.

Public: Galleries for anyone to find and view.

Unlisted: Galleries that can only be accessed by people with a direct link.

Password protected: Galleries that are restricted to people with a password.

Private: Galleries on lockdown. Only you can view then and there is no “public view” available.


We’ve provided quick access to help you find information about the different aspects and features of Pixrit. Clicking each section will take you directly to the corresponding help page.


Updated on April 11, 2017

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