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Network Director & Single Network Control

Pixrit is designed so that you have have different levels of control. Want to keep all your social networks synched to the same times? Just use the Network Director. Want to customize each network with different images going out at different times? Keep your networks independent and customize each one as much as you like.

Network Director

Network Director is designed to control all your networks at the same time. This simplifies everything and makes setting up your marketing super fast. Simply sync your networks to the Network Director, drag and drop your images to the network director, set your queue, and you’re all set.

Each individual network can still have their own settings, such as image size to be shared and the default sharing location (album, timeline, board, etc). Network Director keeps your share times and content consistent across all your networks.

The Network Director lets you sync all your networks to share the same content at the same time. You can choose to sync all your connected networks, some of your connected networks, or none at all. Network Director allows you to manage all your content in one place, rather than you having to customize each individual network.

Networks that are synced to network director cannot be edited, except to delete errors from 1 week history.

Setting Up The Network Director

Syncing or unsyncing networks to the Network Director is easy! You can check off networks in social preferences:

Single Networks

If you’d rather customize each network, or maybe just one, you can! You can have each network sharing different images at different times. Customize your content how you want to!

When a network is unsynced from the Network Director, it’s images can be arranged and it can share images exclusive to that network.

Synching or Unsyncing From Within An Individual Network

Besides in Social Preferences, you can also sync and unsync networks from the Network Director by clicking the check box in the top center of the interface.

When a network gets synced to the Network Director, the images change to mirror what’s in the Network Director. So if a network has images that are not in the Network Director, those images will be removed. Your 1 week history will still show what has been shared to that network before you synced it.

When unsyncing a network from the Network Director, all the images stay exactly the same until you make changes.

1 Week History

In every network, under the images scheduled to be shared, is your 1 week history. This section displays what images have already been shared to this network up 7 days prior. Once an image has been shared to every network it’s been staged to, it can also be found in the Library Archive.


Updated on April 9, 2017

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