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Social Category Presets

Create your own presets, and save yourself hours of work!

No more entering descriptions and hashtags over and over for every image you share on social media. Now you can bulk apply information to multiple photos and make it unique across each of your social networks.

Create a Preset

To start, you can create and edit presets under the “Create Presets” tab in Social Preferences.

Begin with creating your first preset by typing a name into the +Create New Preset field, then click CREATE.


From there, you’ll be able to enter a caption, hashtags, and internal tags that will attach to whatever images you apply the preset to. Next, you’ll be able to customize your preset information per network.


Customize Per Network

With Category Presets you can customize your captions and hashtags per network, and deliver your images to unique locations on Facebook and Pinterest. Want a tailored message for your Facebook audience, a shorter message for your Twitter followers, or unique hashtags specific to Instagram? Get it done in record time!

You can always come back and make changes to each network if you need to. Just make your adjustments and click save!


Delivery Location

You can even choose if you’d like that preset to place images in a specific location (album for Facebook, board for Pinterest). For example, if you have a “Wedding” preset, you can have any photo with that Category Preset sent to the “Wedding” Facebook album.


Editing a Preset

Presets can be edited in two places. You can edit the preset in “Create Presets” tab by selecting an existing preset, making changes, and clicking save. However, if you have customized the preset for one or more networks, you’ll have to go into those networks to edit the preset.


If you have customized a preset for one or more networks, those network preset options will overwrite the base preset. This means you’ll have to go into those network tabs to edit the preset information for those networks.


Applying a Preset

Once you’ve filled in all your information, applying it to your images is a two click process. You can apply category presets on upload and in the caption popup.

Renaming or Deleting a Preset

Pixrit does not currently offer an option to rename or delete a preset. These options will be coming soon in a future update. You can, however, edit preset content under the Create Presets tab or in each network.


Updated on May 29, 2017

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