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Pixrit’s Social Library makes it easy to organize and keep track of your images! This is where your photos are placed upon upload. From here you can edit captions and hashtags, drag and drop images into the Network Director or individual networks, and view the status of your images: where they are currently staged, when they’re queued to go out, and their history of being shared from Pixrit.

Drag + Drop

Once your photos have been uploaded, just drag and drop from Library to the Network Director or single networks in the left menu.

You can move images one at a time, or you can select multiple photos by using the shift or ctrl (cmd on mac) keys and then moving the selection to your desired location. Once your images have been staged, social icons will display on the thumbnails, telling you where that image has been staged.

The shift key selects everything from the first thumbnail to the last, while ctrl (cmd on mac) allows you to pick individual images to add to a selection.


Image Details

All the information you need to know about your images in one click!

We’ve made finding information on your images as easy as clicking on a thumbnail. On the right side of the screen, you’ll be able to see when your image has been scheduled to share as well as the history of when that image has already been shared. You can also view information about the image file, such as dimensions, resolution, file size, copyright info and exif data.


Your Archive in library shows you images that have already been shared to whatever networks they were staged to. You can bring archived images back and share them again by simply clicking the thumbnail and dragging above the Archive and into the active image area.

Image Fails To Send

If an image failed to send to a network it was staged to, it will not be archived until the error is corrected.

You can correct this error by deleting the image from the 1 Week History of the network it failed to share to. Then drag and drop the image from library back into the network to try again. You can let the image take a place in the queue or just click the “share now” button to share it right away.

Updated on April 9, 2017

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