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Pixrit is the ultimate social media manager designed for photographers, by photographers. Now scheduling and sharing images is easier and faster than ever!

Video Introduction – Social Overview 

Uploading to Social

Uploading your social images and applying information is fast and easy. Just click Upload, and then click on Social Library. You can bulk upload photos and bulk apply information to your images for all your connected networks.

While uploading to social, you can edit caption and hashtag information in bulk, apply presets to your images with unique information per network, and add internal tags all to help organize your photos, save time and maximize your marketing efforts.

For a full breakdown of Social Upload: CLICK HERE.

Social Library

Organize and keep track of your images before staging them for social sharing.

Your Social Library is where your photos are placed upon upload. From here you can edit captions and hashtags, drag and drop images into the Network Director or individual networks, and view the status of your images: where they are currently staged, when they’re queued to go out, and their history of being shared from Pixrit.

For a full breakdown of Social Library: CLICK HERE.

Social Preferences

Here’s where you connect your accounts, create Social Category Presets, and manage your settings through our Network Director and your connected social networks. To access these preferences from any of Pixrit’s social sections, please click on the Social Preferences button near the top left of your screen.

For a breakdown of Social Preferences: CLICK HERE

Social Category Presets

Create your own presets, and save yourself hours of work!

No more entering descriptions and hashtags over and over for every image you share on social media. Now you can bulk apply information to multiple photos and make it unique across each of your social networks.

With Category Presets you can customize your captions and hashtags, and deliver your images to unique locations on Facebook and Pinterest. Want a tailored message for your Facebook audience, a shorter message for your Twitter followers, or unique hashtags specific to Instagram? Get it done in record time!

For a breakdown of Social Category Presets: CLICK HERE

Caption Popup

Add captions and hashtags to your images and optimize your search engine potential. We believe hashtags are a marketing must for today’s photographers, so we made it easy for you to get them done.

You can apply caption and hashtag information on upload, or later by using the caption popup. Start by selecting your image(s) and clicking the caption icon to edit or apply information by network/s or just apply a Social Category Preset.

For a full breakdown of bulk editing information on upload: CLICK HERE

For a breakdown of the caption popup: CLICK HERE

Social Queue

Set up your social media schedule on all of your connected networks.

For a breakdown of Social Queue: CLICK HERE

Network Director and Single Network Control

Pixrit makes it easy to customize your content to whatever level you’d like. Want to keep all your social networks on the same page? Just use the Network Director. Want to customize each network with different images going out at different times? Keep your networks independent and customize as much as you want!

Network Director makes it faster than ever to share your images across all your social networks. Simply sync your networks to the Network Director, drop your images in, and watch your social activity explode! If you like to customize your content per network, Pixrit has you covered. Drag + drop images from the Social Library and tailor your images to that specific network.

For a full breakdown of Network Director and Single Network Control: CLICK HERE.

Updated on April 9, 2017

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