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Staging Your Images To Be Shared

All your uploaded images start off in Library. This is where you can keep track of where your images are staged and what images have already been shared.

Images that have already been staged will have social icons displayed on the thumbnails.


To begin staging images to be shared, just click a thumbnail or select multiple thumbnails and drag and drop your selection into the Network Director or single networks in the left menu.


Once your images have been added, just navigate to whichever network you added images to. If your Social Queue has been set, you’ll see a time stamp on each thumbnail. The time stamps go in the order you set in your Social Queue.


You can rearrange the order of these images by click the arrange button, then clicking and dragging images to move them around and clicking save.


You can also combine multiple images into a stack. A stack will share multiple images at the same time. You can create a stack by selecting multiple images and clicking the stack icon in the right corner of the interface.


For a full breakdown of stacked images: CLICK HERE

Updated on April 7, 2017

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