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Uploading to Social

To begin taking full advantage of Pixrit’s social sharing abilities, start with uploading some images to your Social Library.


Start Your Upload!

Click the upload button in the top right corner and select “Social Library” to begin.

Drag + Drop

Drag your images into the upload popup or click “Browse Your Computer” to start uploading.

Bulk Options

Pixrit makes it faster than ever to add bulk descriptions and hashtags to your images.


  • Social Category Presets: Category Presets allow you to apply descriptions, and hashtags to multiple images in just a few clicks, right upon upload.
    • For a full breakdown of Social Category Presets: CLICK HERE.
  • View By Network: Pixrit allows you to tailor your message for each network. Add extra hashtags for Instagram, trim your description for Twitter, or create a custom message for your Facebook audience!
  • ALL Button: If you want to apply bulk information to all networks without the use of a preset, click the ALL button under “view by network”. This option will apply and overwrite bulk information in all available networks.
  • Bulk Description:  This feature allows you to apply a description to all your images at once. Apply your description as a post message on Facebook and Google+, a tweet on Twitter, an image caption on Instagram, and an image description on Pinterest. You can customize Bulk Descriptions per network by clicking the network icons under “View by Network”.
  • Bulk Hashtags: Add relevant and popular hashtags to all your images on upload to create more traffic to your campaigns. Customize Bulk Hashtags per network by clicking the network icons under “View by Network”.
  • Internal Tags: Internal tags help you streamline the sorting of images in your Social Library.
    • For more information on Social Library: CLICK HERE.

Access Social Preferences & Social Queue

Below your bulk options, you’ll find links to your Social Preferences and Social Queue. Navigating to either of these won’t interrupt your upload.

Social Preferences is where you’ll be able to link social accounts, customize network settings, and create Social Category Presets.

For more on Social Preferences: CLICK HERE

Your Social Queue determines what dates and times your images will be shared.

For more on Social Queue: CLICK HERE


Progress Bar + Multiple Uploads

Yes, Pixrit allows you to upload multiple photo collections simultaneously! Keep track of your lighting fast uploads via the progress bar at the bottom of your screen.

Always active: Your progress bar stays with you as you navigate through the site.

Multiple uploads: In Pixrit, you can queue up multiple uploads. Once your first upload completes, the next will begin.

View/Edit Uploads: Pull up uploads, edit information, or add more photos at any time by clicking “View Upload” (if the upload is complete) or “Edit Upload” if the upload is still in progress.

Hide the Progress Bar: The Progress Bar can be minimized and brought back up at any time by clicking on the arrow icon next to “Progress Bar”

Don't lose your progress!

Please keep in mind that you will lose your progress if you navigate to another website or refresh the page.

Updated on April 14, 2017

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