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What Happens After Your Images Have Been Shared

Once your images have been shared, they will be presented in two different areas: 1 Week History in your Network Director/single networks and Archive in Social Library. In the Library, all successful shares will have a green check-mark on the social network icon. Any images that failed to share will display a red social icon and a red x.

1 Week History

Under the Network Director and single networks, you’ll find your 1 week history. This displays your last week’s worth of shared images and the time they were shared. This is also alert you to any images that may have failed to send.


Your Archive in Library shows you images that you’ve already shared. You can bring archived images back and share them again by clicking a specific thumbnail and dragging it above the Archive and into the active image area.

Failed To Send

If an image failed to send to a network it was staged to it will not be archived until the error is corrected.


Image Failed to Send

If an image fails to send, you can see what network it failed to share to and address the issue before you retry sharing.

1 Week History

If you encounter an error with an image, you’ll be able to find it in 1 Week History.

pixrit help - how to fix an image that failed to send

Here you can click the failed image and delete out the error by clicking on the thumbnail and clicking the delete icon. If you’d like to retry sharing the image, you can do so by clicking the image and clicking “Retry Post” in the top right corner of your screen. Be sure to check your account connection in Social Preferences before attempting to retry the image.



You’ll also be able to see which network an image failed to send to in your Social Library.


For a full breakdown on addressing failed post: CLICK HERE

Updated on July 28, 2017

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